Danielle Bregoli, professionally known as Bhad Bhabie, has been under attack for years because of the way she looks and speaks. Black men and women have gone after the 17-year-old rapper for wearing her hair in styles that black women have popularized, including box braids. She also speaks in an accent that is typically associated with people who look nothing like her. Perhaps her most recent uploads have been the most controversial because mere hours after sharing some content online, the star is being attacked left and right for cultural appropriation.


Wearing a black wig, Bhad Bhabie resurfaced online wearing a foundation shade that is far too dark for her skin. She also puckered her lips and showed off some fresh fillers. Many are accusing the teenager of “blackfishing,” a trend where white women pretend to be black.

Reminding her critics that she doesn’t give a fuck, Bhabie shared several more videos and photos with the controversial look, swapping out her black hair for a red wig. Going through the comments section to her photos, there is almost nothing positive being said about the display. The majority of folks are trashing the 17-year-old girl for her blatant attempts to appear darker than she actually is.

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