In an unexpected move, an argument between singer-rapper DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s baby mama MeMe unfolded on social media. The Shade Room reports that there are rumors floating about that DaBaby and DaniLeigh may have had something going on, and that’s what has led up to the tit-for-tat between the two women.

DaBaby's Baby Mama & DaniLeigh Go At It On Social Media
Amy Sussman / Stringer / Getty Images

“Sis got me blocked , but word keeps getting back to me .. so hopefully the energy is the same in real life,” MeMe wrote on Twitter. She followed up by calling DaniLeigh “obsessed.” A fan asked why MeMe was upset with the rapper and DaniLeigh chimed in with, “Cause she bored.” Someone else told MeMe to “handle” DaniLeigh because “this little girl been getting out of line for too long.” The rapper told the Twitter user, “Get outta here ..ain’t nobody worried about y’all . Dead ass.”

Meme later wrote, “When ya man obsess over you >>>>… Then his team of ducklings <<<<<<.” She followed it up with, “Sometimes you just gotta check a mf to help them gain understanfing on who they playing w.” Meanwhile, DaniLeigh told MeMe to “go get a job.” The rapper tweeted, “U so on me… Hop offfffff.” 

Things didn’t stop there. Meme took things to Instagram and had another message for the singer. “Don’t play victim now… stand on you being obsessed w. me like a weirdo,” MeMe wrote on her Story. “I keep receipts for times like this when people try to get out of pocket.” She added a few screenshots to prove her point, so you can swipe below to check those out. Meanwhile, DaBaby has not yet entered the chat.