One day we may look back on Uber and Lyft and wonder why we put so much faith in strangers picking us up and dropping us off at home or any given destination. A Los Angeles woman recently got dragged out of her Lyft and beaten up all because she played music on her phone. According to TMZ, Alessandra Starr Ward played a track on her phone and when her driver asked her to turn it off she said no. 

According to the publication, the man threatened to throw her out of his car and she said she would call the cops if he did. Lo and behold, the driver pulled over, threw her out of the car and her belongings on Melrose Avenue. The man then found himself in a brawl when pedestrians tried to stop the altercation and as a result, Alessandra got knocked down even more as she tried to help fight back. 

The fight came to an end when someone held the driver in a chokehold and police nearby came to arrest him. “It was grotesque, I mean, it turned my stomach,” one witness told NBC Los Angeles.

The man was charged with misdemeanor battery and Alessandra was left with a black eye, bruises on her body and a concussion. It’s unclear if Alessandra plans to sue but she does urge Lyft to be more strict when it comes to hiring on drivers.