One of the most convoluted moments in recent hip-hop history surrounds Troy Ave, Taxstone, and a shooting that took place at the Irving Plaza in 2016. Because of the way the case has been handled, Troy Ave is viewed in the streets as a snitch. His close friend BSB Banga was caught in the crosshairs of the gunfire, losing his life in the processIn a few months, Taxstone’s trial is set to officially begin, allowing us to finally see how this chapter closes. Surprisingly enough, Troy Ave was a guest on the popular show Drink Champs, where he actually addressed the situation for one of the first times ever.

Troy Ave has been adamant about remaining quiet for the last two years, noting that his lawyers have advised him to keep his mouth shut. With just a few weeks before the beginning of the trial though, he’s finally speaking out about the shooting.

Troy Ave Breaks Silence About Taxstone: "I Had Nothing To Do With It"
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

“I lost so much money and, more importantly, I lost custody of my kids,” said Troy Ave about how this has affected his life. “N***a, I’m still out on bail right now, half a million dollar bail.” He went on to address the snitching allegations, saying: “Now when people sayin’ I’m telling this person and telling that person whatever, I said in a line that I’m only loyal to my fam, middle finger from the stand, you saying it’s me when it’s you. That means that that person already went and said it was me. Period! This is court documented. That person already went and implicated me in crimes that I had nothing to do with. I’d be in jail right now if I had something to do with it. I had nothing to do with it.”

Troy Ave goes on to say that street rules should not apply in this situation, noting that he’s still holding things down and echoing his previous sentiment that the “streets are a myth.”