Since the beginning of 2017, Taxstone has been involved in legal happenings pertaining to the murder of Troy Ave's best friend at Irving Plaza. After he was arrested and subsequently sent to jail, we obviously have not heard much from the podcaster. We're used to tuning into several episodes of Tax Season on a monthly basis but with the host behind bars, a new episode hasn't been uploaded in over two years. That all could change this week because on social media, Taxstone has been teasing his imminent release from jail. He's also been prepping his audience for an upcoming episode of Tax Season that could be premiering as soon as this week. 

Yesterday, Taxstone hit up his following on Twitter to announce that he would soon be returning home "with kale breath." He then started to tease the arrival of a new podcast episode, seemingly getting his hands on suitable equipment in jail. "Should i drop a new Tax Season ep today or wednesday," asked the podcaster. Earlier in the day, he spoke on the passing of Nipsey Hussle, possibly having more to say in the podcast once it goes up.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new episode of Tax Season because, according to Taxstone, it could be coming today or tomorrow.