Lil Nas X Reflects On 2018: "Last Year I Was Sleeping On My Sister's Floor, Now I'm Gay"

Lil Nas X jokingly infers that his sexuality was the cureall to prior struggles.

BYDevin Ch
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A Lil Nas X biopic will certainly go into production somewhere down the line if he doesn't suddenly lose interest in his chosen métier. Say he did: X would still have this wondrous "rags to riches" story to his credit. Just a few hours ago, the Country megastar took to Twitter in describing the conditions he lived through before the fame.

"Wow man last year i was sleeping on my sisters floor, had no money, struggling to get plays on my music, suffering from daily headaches, now i’m gay," he wrote on Twitter. Curious to note: Lil Nas X is such a clever purveyor of the English language, that one must not take everything he says at face value. For one, in the buildup to his sentence, he keeps adding to his deteriorating condition, until suddenly he's Gay as if to convey the dissolution of heteronormativity and on a lighter note: homosexuality as a cure-all for everyday boredom and chastity.

And yet, everything leading up to the final clause is that sentence seemingly adds up. "Old Town Road" rose to the surface at exactly the right place, right time, like a modern-day fairy tale. So, it's not completely unfathomable for him to have toiled below the poverty line. In contemporary American society, all it takes is burdensome student debt, and little poor planning, to completely veer off track. Let's hope Lil Nas X's improbable run doesn't come to a stop any time soon.

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