Just a couple of weeks ago, Wale released a new single called “On Chill” featuring Jeremih which has gotten praise for being one of the most perfect songs you’ll hear for the Summer. Wale has always been able to bring the heat and with “On Chill,” he has hip-hop fans patiently waiting to see what he’ll be able to deliver with his next body of work. The artist has never been one to rush things even though he is seemingly always working on new music and new projects. Yesterday, Wale took to Instagram where he told his fans that he would be going on tour soon, which as you can imagine, sparked rumors that a new album was closer than originally thought.

Today, Wale took to IG once again to tell his fans that the album was actually “en route.” Unfortunately, this is a bit of vague statement as “en route” can have a wide range of time tables. Either way, his post does, in fact, confirm that he’s working on a new album so fans can breathe a sigh of relief as they listen to “On Chill” to tide themselves over.

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