When Mark Cwynar and a team of other the FBI Agents opened the doors of a Phoenix body-donation business, they stumbled into a ghastly scene. The raid, as reported by the Arizona Republic, found FBI agents staring at piles of body parts with no identification, a cooler of male genitalia, but perhaps most disturbing, Cwyner reported finding a “large torso with the head removed and replaced with a smaller head sewn together in a ‘Frankenstein’ manner.'”

FBI Discovers Bodies Sewn Together In "Frankenstein Manner"
Mark Wilson/Getty Images 

Families were promised their deceased loved ones would be treated with respect and that their bodies would be used for disease research and organ donation, but in actuality, Biological Resource Center sold their parts to the highest bidder. The gruesome details of the raid were recently made public during a civil lawsuit against the companies owner, the appropriately named Stephen Gore. Thirty-three plaintiffs are involved in the lawsuit, claiming that Biological Resource Center obtained the remains of their loved-ones through “false statements.”

A price list was included in the court documents and reads as follows: 

Whole body with no shoulders or head: $2,900.
Torso with head: $2,400.
Whole spine: $950.
Whole leg: $1,100.
Whole foot: $450.
Knee: $375.
Pelvis: $400.

The trial for the case will take place at Maricopa County Superior Court on Oct. 21.