If you’ve been following the gossip blogs on social media, you’re fully aware that fast-rising rapper Blueface has been boo’d up with two women for weeks. One of his girlfriends is his baby’s mother and the other was seemingly just a groupie. Still, he seemed to be enjoying his time with them. For obvious reasons, his baby mama will remain in his life forever; they will need to try and coexist for the sake of their son. However, after the other joked during an Instagram Live session that they’re only messing with him for the money and the clout, Blueface didn’t want to take any chances and allegedly kicked them both out.



At least, that’s what he’s saying happened during his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. He hit the radio special this week to discuss his career to this point and all the drama that’s been happening with his family and his girlfriends. When discussing his love life, the Famous Cryp said that he’s already dealt with his women, kicking them to the curb after the joke was made. He doesn’t want to take any risks in his romantic life so when somebody even jokes that they’re only in it for the clout, you can kiss your chances of ever being Blue’s permanent “Thotiana” goodbye.

The move comes as a surprise to many. Especially after the two girls started showing off matching hand tattoos that they got to celebrate their love with the rapper. There’s a possibility Blueface is just playing the media and he’s still in his polyamorous relationship. Keep an eye on his live-streams to see what’s up.