Our newest edition of the FIRE EMOJI playlist is here and it’s packing some serious heat. Ameer Vann of Brockhampton fame has steered clear of the public eye for the last year after facing allegations of sexual misconduct that got him kicked out of the boyband, but now, he’s back with a new handful of songs. The third track off his new project, Emmanuel, makes the list. “Glock 19” is the hardest hitting banger on the project. Vann shouts out threats and talks about his drug use with an intense conviction. 

Polo G also lands himself a spot on the FIRE EMOJI playlist with his new track “Heartless.” The song puts the rapper in his best light. It’s got Polo G’s ridiculously catchy flows, talented songwriting and a solid beat from Mustard. The rapper’s ability to tell vivid stories while maintaining his smooth delivery is impressive. The listener can get lost in the flow and completely miss great lines such as, “He fucked up in the head, he wanna see some mo’ brains/On that corner I can’t stay up out that dope gang/My cousin got indicted dealing cocaine/She an Instagram addict, she want mo’ fame.” Listen to the entirety of FIRE EMOJI below.


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