MoneyBagg Yo & Lil Baby Ring In The New Year With "U Played"

MoneyBagg Yo and Lil Baby boom over a Tay Keith beat on a new single.

BYAlex Zidel
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If you're starting out the new year in search of some fresh vibes for your ears, MoneyBagg Yo and Lil Baby have got you covered. The duo of rappers intends on beginning 2020 on the right foot. On Lil Baby's end, we've already been blessed with some cover art for his own release coming soon. As for Bagg, he's already coming in with a brand new single, following up strongly from the success of his duet with Megan Thee Stallion.

Available now in select international markets, MoneyBagg Yo's latest single "U Played" with Lil Baby features the two stars booming over a Tay Keith beat. In the hook, Bagg gets strict in his boundaries, fully flexing an avoidant attachment style and refusing to get too close to his potential lover. "Wanted a diamond choker, soon as our time was over/Bitch, you played/She wanna ride the Rover, told her the Uber was closer/Bitch, you crazy," raps the Memphis riser.

Lil Baby jumps in for the second verse, showing off his diamond teeth and delivering yet another impressive display before dropping his own new shit.

"U Played" will be out everywhere at midnight. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

I don't got a cold, I'm sipping on Hi-Tech
The Dussé, the yellow, I'm straight out the projects
The first n***a play with me, he got shot at
100 some shots flipped a car, that's a car wreck

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