Even though y’all don’t particularly like reading anything Billie Eilish related, the 17-year-old does some pretty cool things sometimes. Her bold fashion statements are completely unapologetic and for someone so young in the industry to be so self-assured and unfeigned, it’s pretty commendable. The artist’s passion for fashion has been the topic of many of her interviews, with people wanting to know the details on what inspires her outlandish stylistic choices. She recently appeared with HYPEBAE to give fans a peek into her insanely decked out closet, revealing both her on-stage and off-stage ensemble choices. At some point in the video she gushed over a matching white, graffiti sprayed tee and short situation, which she revealed were from the clothing brand Freak City. Now, Eilish has teamed up with that very same brand to create her own capsule collection, which she teased on her Twitter. 


So specifically matched with her own style, the line stays true to the brand’s signature voice, with over-the-top spray paint embellishing and bright, loud colors. Billie’s own name and initials – as well as some random emojis and phrases – cover the articles, which take on classic Billie silhouettes like oversized shorts and hooded tees. Included as well are a pair of sunglasses, sports bras, a mini bodycon shirt, and cropped tube top. As well as white with multicoloured graffiti designs, they also come in a loud ASF neon green. The prices range from $45 to $145, and the full collection can be seen and purchased here.