The international box office numbers are in for The Lion King and while we’ve already reported on the movie doing well domestically and even going onto breaking records, we can now confirm that the international revenue is looking good as well. The live-action remake of the 90s classic has racked up to approximately $433 million globally this past weekend which brings its global total to $531 million currently. The Lion King is already looking at a strong debut as it placed number one across 52 international markets thus far including Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia. Precise numbers from each market were reported by Variety as well.

In terms of ticket sales, the UK is looking at $19.9 million while the movie’s debut in France resulted in $19.6 million. On the other hand, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, and Australia respectively saw sales of $18.7 million, $17.9 million, $17.7 million and $17.1 million. Hong Kong, Japan, and Italy are still waiting on the movie’s opening, but we expect big numbers from these markets as well. In China, the reboot is almost at $100 million dollars in ticket sales right now as it stands with $98 million dollars thus far. Clearly, the world is receiving the Lion King well and we expect it to go onto breaking major records.