Both Cardi B and her husband Offset performed at the 2019 BET Awards. The couple performed their hit-single “Clout” and opened the ceremony with a choreography-focused performance. Precisely Offset shocked everyone with a few promising dance moves which included some pop, locks, and sways. The latter almost feels timely considering the rapper was previously linked to a viral video wherein he was much younger and showing off his impressive moves on camera. Many were pleased with the transition and saw a future in Offset’s dance introduction. Twitter reacted favorably and Offset even began trending. As such, following the performance, the Migos-affiliate tweeted he was just getting started.

“OFFSET GOT MOVES I GOT A ADVANTAGE IMA DO MORE CHOREOGRAPHY,” he shared on Twitter before retweeting a slew of tweets which praised his performance. Even radio personality Charlamagne Tha God chimed in, adding “Watching Offset poplock and do choreography on stage was like watching Captain Marvel unleash her full power on the universe. He’s unstoppable now.” To which Offset replied:”It’s more to me than people know I got moves.” Later on, CTHAGOD returned and stated “that two step was so beneath Offset. He is clearly Chris Breezy with the dance moves and should not be held back with a simple two step ever.” Clearly, Offset got the moves.

Are you here for dancing Offset?