As a celebrity, you have to deal with constantly being under the watchful eye of your fans (as well as those who aren’t really your fans but still watch your every move and give their two cents). And in a day and age where modes of communication are more accessible than ever before, and you have the ability to hide behind your screen, it seems as though everyone and their mama always has something to say. For celebrities especially, they often get dehumanized, when people forget that they are people too, and decide to question everything they do, or think that just because they know their personal lives, they can suss out their every intention. While some are able to sit back and take the criticism with grace, more often than not in the outspoken hip hop community, if you step out of line, you can expect to get an age-old clap back. This was the case with Mary J Blige when she appeared on stage this Thursday for her Nas accompanied “Royalty Tour” in Nashville.

Mary J Blige Claps Back At Fan Who Yells At Her To "Shut The F*ck Up!"
Johnny Louis/Getty Images

The 48-year-old hip hop and soul icon was right in the middle of delivering a heartfelt speech to the audience about keeping your head up when dealing with haters and negativity, when someone offstage very rudely cut her off to yell out to her to “shut the f*ckk up.” Blige held her composure as she continued her speech, but at one point brought it up again when she said in a very strong voice, “and for the person that’s been in here all night saying Mary shut the f–k up, YOU shut the f–k up.” The crowd burst into applause and cheers, letting Mary know they have her back.