Whenever Halloween rolls around, you can expect to see a ton of people dressed up in reference to a recent trending topic. Remember all the people copying Miley Cyrus’ look in the “Wrecking Ball” video or her infamous VMAs performance during the Bangerz era? There was also an unfortunate amount of Donald Trump lookalikes at house parties around the election. 

Well, the meme of the moment (or one of them) is surely Tekashi 6ix9ine being a serial snitch in his ongoing trial. Many have been following the updates from his hearings, in which he name-dropped a remarkable number of people, ranging from his former homies to fellow members of the hip hop community. His comical willingness to tattletale spawned many jokes about him on social media, so his name and face are at the forefront of everyone’s minds when they’re brainstorming Halloween costume ideas. 


Tekashi has a pretty distinct look – face tats, rainbow hair and all – so he’s the perfect caricature to emulate. Someone already anticipated this wave of Snitch9ine imitators and decided to photoshop a ready-made baby costume for the occasion. A fake Amazon product has gone viral called “‘Lil Tattletale’ costume for baby,” hilariously sold by FBI Toys.


While the Amazon posting was fabricated, there is a kid who has already given the costume a try. He has all the requisite face tats and completed the snitch look with a t-shirt that says “I’ma tell on it.” 


Keep an eye out for the snitches this Hallow’s Eve. The Game has shared his thoughts on the potential trend