We've learned a lot about Tekashi 6ix9ine throughout the last month. Mostly, the information that has been bestowed upon us confirms things that we already knew. The rapper will stoop to new lows in order to ensure his freedom, ratting out everybody that comes to his mind. Considering the fact that his former homies literally threatened to kill him and hurt his family, you can't really blame him either. Would you remain loyal to the same people that kidnapped you, robbed you of your jewelry, and almost murdered you? 6ix9ine did not keep to the street code and, for that, he's getting clowned across the internet. Right now, the rainbow-haired scoundrel is the laughing stock of the music industry but he's expected to get out next year and, once he does, you can almost guarantee he'll try to regain traction on his music career. After the sentencing of his kidnappers this week, we're now learning the exact date that Tekashi will be in court for his own sentencing.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Many are expecting 6ix9ine to either get a very light sentence or no sentence at all, being released to the streets and possibly entering into a witness protection program. The rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, has stated that he does not want to go into a protection program though, noting that he'd like to try music again. I guess we'll all see what happens early next year.

According to Inner City Press, who has been following the trial from inside the courthouse, 6ix9ine's sentencing has been scheduled to take place on January 24, 2020. He is facing a sentence of forty-seven years in prison but since he's been cooperating with the feds, they might go easy on him.

How do you envision this story ending?