Blueface is growing more and more outlandish with each passing day. Though his recent Dirtbag EP failed to gain commercial traction like he might have hoped, the one they call “BleedEm” continues to skate by on past achievements. Who would have thought “Thotiana” would prove such a tireless hit? Perhaps Blueface truly knows something we don’t. It’s hard to understand how the man’s mind works, and in truth, some of his antics remain puzzling to this date. Case in point, this latest video from Blueface, which finds him catering to the thirstier side of his demographic.

Blueface Serves The Damn Strokes As "Thotiana" Goes Platinum
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Some things can’t be unseen. This is one of them. Consider yourself warned, as the man has a penchant for undressing. Standing beside his “Thotiana” platinum plaque, Blueface proceeds to let his inner exhibitionist take over, offering up a bizarre victory dance in celebration of his breakout single’s commercial dominance. For those who simply do not want to see a man drop trouser in an act of sheer glee, move along. I wish that I had the privilege of doing exactly that. Alas.

Congratulations to Blueface. Not only for “Thotiana’s” continued success, but for the inevitable Fortnite bag Blueface will secure for this unfortunate “whirlicopter.”