During a press conference on Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about Colin Kaepernick and why he isn’t still in the league. The commissioner chalked it up to the 32 NFL teams simply not thinking that the quarterback could help them win games and that it had nothing to do with the anthem protests. Kaepernick’s lawyer Mark Geragos took exception to the comments and went on the Today Show where he claimed that the league’s relationship with President Donald Trump is why Kaepernick is without a job. 

“I think the commissioner was roasted appropriately on social media… The whole thing is basically a ruse. The collusion actually was the NFL kowtowing to the President,” Geragos said. 


Geragos also said it makes no sense that Mark Sanchez was signed to a contract but Kap still couldn’t even get an interview. He added that collusion is most certainly at play here.

“You’d have to believe that 32 individuals came to the same conclusion separately and decided that they just weren’t going to win,” Geragos quipped. “There isn’t anyone who’s got a couple of neurons firing that wouldn’t say this is collusive activity.”

Geragos and Kaepernick are currently embroiled in a legal battle with the NFL over the alleged collusion.