You’re taking a chance whenever you spend a few hours inside the casino. Whether you’re in Sin City or elsewhere in the world, the thrill of gambling attracts some more than others. If you consider yourself an avid risk-taker, there’s a good chance you might get hooked on the slot machines in Vegas. When you’ve made it in the music industry, you instantly gain access to a lot of money. Meek Mill knows that and he’s already fallen victim to bad sports bets. You may recall the Philadelphia rapper lost $200K in a friendly wager against Drake. This weekend, the recording artist took another trip to the casino and, unfortunately, he lost another strong chunk of change.

Many of us only end up throwing away a hundred dollars or more at the slots or the blackjack table. Meek Mill is a high roller though. He knows that without taking risks, he won’t ever reach the heights he wants to be at. Instead of investing in new businesses, stocks, and more, he decided to put $70K into his gambling run during a trip to New Orleans. He was incredibly upset to learn that, after spending some time at the tables, he had actually run through his entire budget without much luck.

“I just lost 70k in the casino I’m sicccckkkkkkkk,” wrote the rapper on Twitter. In the comments to his post, a large number of fans asked Meek to be equally generous with his fans, suggesting he pay for their tuition bills. Right now though, he’s still mourning the loss of his $70K so it might take him a while to respond.

Meek Mill Loses $70K In The Casino; Here's How He Reacted
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images