Kelly Rowland Heralds Beyonce "The Genius" In Appreciative "Homecoming" Tribute

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Bey and Kelly
Kelly Rowland takes a moment to express her gratitude towards the Knowles family business.

It's all in writing, so don't bother trying to play spoiler. Kelly Rowland is proud of her former ringleader Beyonce for churning out a memorable homecoming performance on her latest live album. Rowland began her special dedication to Bey by revealing that she'd never gone to college because it put her in line for a boot camp line other, run by Matthew and Beyonce Knowles no less.

Even so, Kelly appears to be eternally grateful for the way things played out. She expressed her gratitude in an Instagram earlier this morning, a post containing a video of her and her sisters on the big stage, synched over a finite loop of Beyonce's "Baby Boy." Much to her dismay, Michelle Williams' once again gets cast aside with the chips on the table.

"Thank you sis, for an experience I WILL NEVER FORGET! I love you, genius! If you haven’t yet seen Homecoming, check it out! Let me know what you think," Kelly used the characters at her disposal to pen an homage to Beyonce's Homecoming: The Live Album, the soundtrack to the Netflix special bearing the same name. Kelly ain't the only person singing Bey's praises in the days that ensued after Homecoming's unexpected release. Kehlani sat there bewildered with the same kind of hive mentality that drives her fans subservient - Twitter fingers set to automatic relay.

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