Nike underwent a bit of a controversy this past week when they decided to ax their upcoming Nike Air Max 1 “4th Of July” colorway. The shoe was supposed to pay homage to Independence Day, although the design caught some flack from Colin Kaepernick because of the presence of the Betsy Ross flag. The flag was made during a time when slavery was still prevalent in society and the thirteen stars represent the original thirteen states. Of course, Nike was met with a ton of backlash after the announcement, with some politicians condemning them as anti-American.

The latest to weigh on on this situation is none other than the honorable OJ Simpson, who got his very own Twitter account recently. After slicing up some balls on the golf course, OJ made a video where he talked about a plethora of issues, including Kaepernick’s condemnation of the Betsy Ross flag. Simpson has criticized Kaepernick in the past and did the exact same thing in this new clip.

“Lately, I saw where Kaepernick pointed out that the Betsy Ross flag was being used by some negative groups as their symbol. I say don’t let the negative win,” OJ explained. “As far as I’m concerned, that flag represents the birth of America.”

Many Americans seem to agree with Simpson, although the controversy hasn’t really hurt Nike. In fact, their stocks have gone up since the shoes were removed from stores.