As soon as Free Agency opened up on June 30th, Kevin Durant announced that he would be signing with the Brooklyn Nets. He did so through his TheBoardroom Instagram account and Brooklyn sports fans were absolutely ecstatic. Knicks fans were crying their eyes out since they lost out on pretty well every big name free agent, but that’s neither here nor there. The Nets were also able to secure the services of Kyrie Irving who was looking to move on from his troubling experience with the Boston Celtics.

During a press conference yesterday, Nets general manager Sean Marks spoke about Durant and how the team found out he was going to sign with them. Let’s just say the team was made aware of his commitment in the most millennial way possible, through Instagram. Yes, that’s right. Durant said he would be joining the team before even meeting with them to confirm. It’s a pretty ballsy move but when you consider just how good of a player Durant is, it’s not surprising that he would get away with it.

Considering there are tampering rules at play here, it’s not totally surprising that Durant would do such a thing. Teams and players aren’t allowed to meet until free agency officially opens so if Marks had admitted to a meeting, who could receive punishment from the league.

Durant won’t be able to play with the team next season as he is recovering from a ruptured Achilles.