As promised, Kevin Durant has officially announced his decision to move forward with the Brooklyn Nets, migrating away from the West Coast with The Board Room making the official announcement via Instagram Sunday evening.

The post indicates that the deal is a max contract, meaning that the superstar will earn $164 million with Brooklyn over the next four years.

It marks a major disappointment for the New York Knicks who were, for some time, the frontrunners in courting Durant pending his free agency. More than likely, Durant won't touch the court at Barclays Center during this first season as he recovers from a torn Achilles suffered during this last stint with the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors were prepared to keep Durant, offering the player a five-year $221 million max deal. It ultimately proved to be ineffective. Durant will now join Kyrie Irving who is slated to confirm his deal with Brooklyn as well. Reports also suggest that DeAndre Jordan, a close friend of KD's, could very well follow behind him and head to New York as well.

July 6th is the date in which all deals will be finalized.