Not every day, but back in the infancy of his hip-hop career, 2 Chainz had a bit of a struggle.

The Pretty Girls Like Trap Music rapper stopped by Everyday Struggle to chat with Joe Budden, Akademiks and Nadeska about a variety of topics, with one story standing out about a deal he once had with Ludacris' label Disturbing the Peace. This was when he was a member of Playaz Circle.

"I just woke up and said, 'I don't want to do it,'" said Chainz. "They told me, 'you just can't leave like that.' He said some s**t about Puffy and Mase. And I said, 'this ain't no Puffy and Mase.' And then I had to find me a lawyer, and then I ended up getting out [of the deal]. I had to pay him $100k per album, and I think, some other little, like a point, which to me, I've made $100k so many times, it was a pretty good deal to get out of it."

Imagine had 2 Chainz not had the wherewithal to pressing the eject button on his record deal? Maybe he doesn't become the man we know and love today.

You can watch the full discussion below.