The younger generation is growing up in a world filled with technology. While millennials still had to deal with dial-up internet and a brief few years without cell phones, today's youth pretty much exits the womb with an iPhone already in their hands. 2 Chainz' ten-year-old daughter wants in on all the fun, noting that her friends are already active on social media. However, her mother is reluctant to let her download the app. In order to prove that she truly deserves to be initiated into the harsh world of social media, 2 Chainz' daughter freestyled over Sheck Wes' hit song "Mo Bamba," switching up the lyrics to reflect her own situation.

Heaven Epps and her mother Kesha Ward posted up on the 'gram as the little girl attempted to persuade her mom into letting her download Instagram. During her freestyle, she also stated a desire to dye the tips of her hair blue. "Mom won't let me get Insta-Instagram/ Please, all my friends at school got it on/ Their iPhones, you making me lame," rapped Heaven. 

Tity Boi posted the video on his page, allowing fellow parent Cardi B to share her own opinion. Bardi thinks that a single streak of blue in her hair could be cute but the Instagram idea is a no for her. 2 Chainz didn't share his opinion on the matter, simply letting his fans in on what he deals with at home.