The rise of the Me Too movement has placed several celebrities under both legal and public scrutiny. Its eminence empowered the rhetoric surrounding holding abusers accountable for their actions despite status or fame. As a result, many Hollywood movers and shakers like Harvey Weinstein were called out and blackballed for previous transgressions. Even singer R. Kelly, a once praised and respected R&B icon, was subject to a full documentary investigating sexual abuse allegations. Thereafter, the focal point landed on legend Michael Jackson upon the announcement of the documentary Finding Neverland. The feature revisited prior child sexual abuse allegations for which Jackson was investigated in 1993, 2002 and 2013. However, this time around, the project was backed by alleged victims Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Both men were interviewed by the mother of talk-shows Oprah Winfrey, who experienced backlash for doing so.

Public response to the documentary was best represented by a spectrum varying between fully believing to completely discrediting the survivor’s claims. While MJ’s legacy took a hit and his family was also negatively impacted. It was recently announced that Michael Jackson’s estate was suing the documentary’s producer, Dan Reed. Furthermore, reports now indicate the teenage children of the “Thriller” artist, Prince, Paris and Prince Michael Jr Jackson, have launched a formal investigation into Reed, Robson and Safechuck. They cited the documentary’s effects as having taken a serious toll on their privacy while also strongly damaging their father’s legacy. While the kids’ have arranged for the accusers’ claims to be further investigate, they also intend to Wade Robson’s charity looked into. The said charity was meant to collect any monetary gain from the documentary, with the proceeds going to abuse of child sexual abuse. Though, reportedly, a few things are not adding up and the Jackson kids are fully committed to getting answers. Surely, more details are to come on this story in the future.