Harvey Weinstein has finally admitted to something. The 66-year-old film producer did an interview with Spectator columnist Taki Theodoracopulos at an undisclosed time and said that he has offered movie jobs only for one thing in return. “Yes, I did offer [women] acting jobs in exchange for sex,” he said. “But so did and still does everyone.”

Further in the interview, Harvey stands by his previous claims that he has never "forced himself on “a single woman” but has used his money and power to try and score the ladies. “You were born rich and privileged and you were handsome,” he told Taki. “I was born poor, ugly, Jewish and had to fight all my life to get somewhere. You got lotsa girls, no girl looked at me until I made it big in Hollywood.”

Harvey is facing life in prison for the dozens of women who have accused him of rape and sexual assault and he has continued to preach his innocence. 

“The suggestion that Mr. Weinstein raped anyone, just based on what I’ve seen, just based on the evidence I’ve seen, is just a preposterous allegation,” his lawyer Ben Brafman said. “So far, everything he has told us to look for we have found. And his denials are in my judgment being confirmed everyday by a lot of evidence we are finding that is independent of Mr. Weinstein.”