With HBO's controversial Leaving Neverland set to arrive at the beginning of March, it's no surprise that other heavyweight networks have taken notice. BBC, the British broadcaster responsible for many acclaimed series, has officially unveiled their own upcoming Michael Jackson documentary. The running title, Michael Jackson: The Rise and Fall, seems to suggest a more introspective and historical take than HBO's own, which centers around the testimony of two alleged abuse survivors. BBC's film will draw from the findings of "Jackson expert"  Jacques Peretti, and will arrive later this year.

Phil Walter/Getty Images

report from Variety indicates that The Rise And Fall will center around MJ's Jackson 5 days, subsequent solo career, Neverland Ranch escapism and "This Is It" tour. It's unlikely that HBO's own documentary will spill over into this one, but it wouldn't be surprising to see some of the darker content covered in BBC's film; it does, after all, cover the "Fall." Still, Jacques Peretti's title as an MJ expert isn't for nothing. The man has a wealth of experience, having already created three prior MJ documentaries: Michael Jackson: What Really Happened, Michael Jackson’s Last Days: What Really Happened, and Michael Jackson’s Secret Hollywood. 

The doc will premiere on the BBC later on this year. Clearly, there's something to be said about this renewed interest in the King Of Pop, which has found his name in all manner of headlines. Questions of legacy remain complex, and it's likely the debate will rage on until the cows come home. Either way, we'll have plenty of content to peruse in the interim.