Netflix truly cares about its clients and as such it has recently established a clause for couples to undergo prior to beginning any new television show together. Some of you may have experienced the grueling betrayal which occurs when you find out that your significant other has continued watching a show without you. Or perhaps you have specific requirements with regards to your binge-watching habits that you feel necessary to share with your SO prior to even starting. Well now, you may no longer experience such a disappointment or issues–thanks to Netflix. According to Bossip, the streaming platform has introduced a “co-watching contract which obliges both parties to sign (with Netflix as a witness) onto a mutual agreement that sets out rules for binge-watching. Five rules are listed herein and include no falling asleep or getting distracting by phones, no continuing to watch a show without the other person present, no talking during shows and no spoilers. 

These rules are evidently serious and may truly be essential to couples (or even friends) looking to commence a binge-watching journey together. The sentiment is nice and we appreciate Netflix for taking the time to cater their services for its users. Nice one, Netflix.

Netflix Establishes "Co-Watching" Contract With Rules For Couples
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images