Don’t think for a second Jidenna has renounced his fanciful ways. By reconnecting with his West African ancestry, The Classic Man has been rebranded a “sapeur” by the OGs with the vested authority to point the finger. What American audiences probably don’t know about Jidenna is that he spent part of his childhood in his father’s native country of Nigeria – where by virtue of wanting to retrace his roots with a reliable cohort, he found himself in the royal court of Seun Kuti’s Egypt 80 – the big band his father Fela Kuti fronted for nearly half-a-century.

Of all the cuts on 85 To Africa, “Worth The Weight” featuring Seun Kuti rings the truest of Jidenna’s Pan-African idealism, or wish to bask in his former, and current glory. To his credit, Jidenna doesn’t revert to a big band sound, or do something completely out of character; Seun Kuti role on the song is exactly how I described it. He’s there to redirect traffic, as a good leader ought to.

Quotable Lyrics:

Back then was actin’ like a poodle on a leash 
One day he’d have to learn the juju on the streets 
Starin’ at death, like, is your shooters gonna squeeze? 
Freeze, please.

– Jidenna