Upon making her return with a new 5-song EP, Missy Elliott resorted to what she knows best: a time-tested producer/artist relationship with Timbaland. After years of seclusion and personal growth, both Timbo and Missy are here to show us the wonder of real talent, and how it transcends both time and space.

Never one to show up late to a function, Missy is at once, fashion-forward and nostalgic with her creative tendencies, in the space of “DripDemeanor” featuring Sum1, the song chosen to anchor the ship. If you tune out Sum1’s singing voice (and you shouldn’t), “DripDemeanor” kind of reads like Missy’s list of requirements for would-be romantic suitors.

Yet, as she clearly states at several intervals, Missy isn’t chasing the action. Those who might be interested in keeping her company needn’t think too long on the subject, for Missy has given her would-be suitors a 1 out of 12 chance in hell at winning her favor, let alone her attention for more than a second. Does “DripDemeanor” stand out amongst the 5 songs, stand up to her previous works? Hit us in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

‘Cause Missy not chasin’ your [dick]
Boy you don’t wanna get hit, you’s a trip ’round your boys
You be flippin’ that script
Tell me why you be frontin’, you know you so pussy-whipped.

– Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott