It’s been a long road for Detroit rapper Obie Trice, one of the more underrated lyricists in the game. Since emerging into the spotlight with his Shady Records debut Cheers, Obie has moved at his own pace. Throughout his long-running career, Obie has undergone trials and tribulations; where music momentum might have faltered, the family dynamic was only bolstered. Today, Obie has come through to bless us with another musical bender, which may very well be the most focused release of his post-Cheers career. 

Enter The Fifth, featuring Xzibit, Swift McVay and more. From the minute the introspective and brutally honest “Intro” kicks off, Obie remains in fine form. His razor-sharp flow remains totally unique, as he seamlessly crafts multisyllabic schemes over gritty and raw production. There are songs evocative of his prime era such as the Dre-esque “Space,” or those of a more contemporary vibe like the aptly titled “ASS.” True, most people coming to this are likely longtime Obie loyalists, but that’s okay – this is an album for the fans, and it plays out like exactly that. Show some love i in the comments.