It’s not that NBA execs are on a witchhunt and therefore acting in collusion to have Carmelo thrown out the league. But those who’ve opened up to ESPN insiders like Brian Windhorst, albeit on the condition they remain anonymous. The feeling around the league is that Carmelo has played his last game in the NBA, and although it’s up to former NCAA champion to revoke his name, chances are teams around the league “have seen enough” to base their decision.

For the record, that doesn’t mean Carmelo Anthony won’t accept a contract overseas if and when his options run out, but Melo is said to be focusing his attention these days on a new clothing line, instead of hammering his future plans on the court – and by clothing, I do mean hoodies.

But on the flip side, Brian Windhorst doesn’t fully believe what he’s being sold by NBA execs. While airing his findings on ESPN’s The Jump, Windhorst made it abundantly clear that he’s not sold on the idea Melo is done as an NBA talent. His belief is that Melo’s likeability and brand potential might convince a team to think otherwise. But NBA insiders and execs certainly agree that Melo has played his last game in a starting role, something he only did twice over ten games before the Rockets rubbed him out.