Houston Rockets & Carmelo Anthony In "Crisis" Talks Over His Role With Team

The Houston Rockets feel they may have bottomed out on the ill-fated Carmelo experiment.

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Carmelo Anthony is an affable character on his best day, but things haven't gone according to plan in Houston. The Rockets are currently a far cry from the team that came within a game of reaching the NBA Finals and ousting the Golden State Warriors. The inability to recreate their 2017-2018 form continues to haunt them well into the 4th week of the season. Analytics experts pointed to Carmelo Anthony's offensive and defensive inefficiency as a starting point for the inevitable blame game the Rockets now find themselves in. At 4-7, that process has already begun.

Carmelo Anthony and the coaching staff have entered "fluid" discussions over this role with the team this season. ESPN is reporting that Houston's coaching staff and management are unsure how to proceed with Melo on the roster. They are reportedly considering ending the experiment with immediate effect.

Coach D'Antoni, with whom Carmelo has butted heads with in the past, refused to comment on the nature of those discussions, deferring the question to GM Daryl Morey. "Yeah, that's ... I'm sure you can address that with Daryl. I'm trying to win a game," D'Antoni said, adding: "You need to talk to Daryl. On that one, I have no answer for you right now."


Mike D'Antoni continues to publicly "back" Carmelo when asked by reporters to comment on his performances thug far.

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