The City Morgue duo of Zillakami and SosMula has reutnred to deliver on their “Dawg” track, an interesting chang eof pacefor those feening for a different flavor.

On the track, produced by Ethan Ritenour, the pair give listeners a headbanger, incorporating clear metal elements to deliver on the second single of their forthcoming projec, City Morgue Vol. 2.

Prior to “Dawg,” theduo dhsared their “66SLAVS” track, leading listeners iunto their latest with a drop of snippets via Instgram before aking their offical release this week.If both tracks are any signal, the new album will definitely be something new for those looking to explore hip-hop’s outer bounds. Take a full listen to “Dawg” below.

Quotable Lyrics

Bring the money load on a forklift (Work)
I know these bitches big chop and my doors lift
Slide a nigga up, n-gga, with a swordfish (Fuck outta here)
Popo chasin’ me, I throw the 4/5th