As people tend to do with trends, everyone’s been hopping on the so-called #10-year-challenge. To people with a sense of humour about like, Tyga and his winking acknowledgment of hair transplants, to Nick Cannon who, based on his version of the challenge, wouldn’t know a joke if it walked up to him in the street, even though his longtime show is billed as “comedy.”

It’s not only individual people, though. Marvel has gotten in on the viral fun with a look back at the characters in their cinematic universe which nicely coincides with said universe’s 10-year anniversary.

It was impossible for fans of the franchise to see these boring photos of people who mostly look just about the same from then to now without poking some holes in Marvel’s past ten years, like the two Hulks:

Some of them invented origin stories for characters who didn’t get a lot of exposition in the films:

There were also, of course, a ton of responses to do with the end of the last Avengers, with a “before” picture of a character and then an “after” of them as a pile of dust. There was one of these that was more striking than the others, that maybe went too far, depending on how sensitive you are: