J. Cole Links With Big K.R.I.T. For Their Hotly-Anticipated “Prove It” Duet

Big K.R.I.T. and J. Cole form an undeniable party float on “Prove It”

BYDevin Ch
J. Cole Links With Big K.R.I.T. For Their Hotly-Anticipated “Prove It” Duetblur mask

Blink and you missed it twice before, but "Prove It" is actually the third time in total, Cole and K.R.I.T. have come together on a record. Interestingly enough, it was on DJ Khaled's "They Ready" of all places, that Cole and K.R.I.T. first entered their initials into the tapestry of a Douglas fir. Their second collaboration came to fruition later in the month... the duo was never seen or spoken of again for God knows how long, due to an exile K.R.I.T. imposed on himself before the recent album rollout got up and running.

Curious to note: this self-imposed exile is discussed ad nauseam throughout "Prove It," where the onus is on both men to make something (substantial) of their proverbial status as cult heroes/figures. During his closing stanza, Cole encourages K.R.I.T. to come out the woodwork by insinuating that he "feels his sh*t" - that writing stacks of unusable material serves no purpose but to alienate you/him from his/their higher calling as an artist. To cap things off - Cole warns his riding partner, "I better see you on the road" in the encouraging words of a headmaster who's witnessed a friend perform below standard. Check out "Prove It" and the rest of K.R.I.T. IZ HERE while you're at it.

Quotable Lyrics:

Big K.R.I.T., my n---a, I feel your shit
Been feelin' your shit since Felton put me on
I put him on Dot, he put me on K.R.I.T
Was here since then, now here's half-gone
I wrote more songs than a man can count
Tryna figure out how to put 'em out.

- J. Cole

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