This Friday, Dreamville delivered their highly anticipated Revenge of The Dreamers III. Showcasing pure bangers from start to finish, Dreamville succeeded in rallying together an incredible roster of artists to deliver a surefire “Album of the Year” contender. Label head J. Cole has been carefully preparing for his Dreamville compilation that includes not only his rising artists, but features from a dozen others as well. A seamless blend of R&B, hip hop, and rap delivered with lyrical mastery, sets the project apart from others who’ve attempted the same feat. “Oh Wow…Swerve” comes in as the fifth track from the album, and is sectioned into two parts: “Oh Wow” and “Swerve.” The first part features Zoink Gang and J. Cole while part 2 features KEY! and Maxo Kream. The song’s outro features JID, who was originally supposed to appear on the track, and previews the beginnings of a cut-off or shortened verse similarly to Young Nudy’s verse on the track “Down Bad”.

Part 1 kicks off with Zoink Gang’s slightly synthed out vocals, accompanied by a dream-like sample and slow tempo-d, hushed out beat. J. Cole swiftly enters with a typical fast flowed and eloquently spoken verse, proving he has a lot to spit on matters of social injustices, and the vapid obsessions that occupy the minds of this generation. The real treat of the song though, is delivered right around the 2 minute 26 second mark, where Key! kicks things off heavy as we immediately notice a shift in songs. A much darker, sort of grimy vibe is immediately set with the harshly contrasted part 2. Though Key!’s verse is catchy for sure, it’s Maxo Kream who swoops in to deliver a verse of pure genius.

Quotable Lyrics:

The way I’m robbin’, niggas say I’m gonna die
I bought a baby Draco carbon, that’s a motherfuckin’ lie
Stephen Curry on my hip, Klay Thompson, let it fly
Southwest Murder Block Crips, we don’t die, we multiply (Crip)
Maxo talk a lot of shit but is he really ’bout that life? (Say what?)
Is a pig’s pussy pork and can a caterpillar fly? (That’s right)
Go Go Gadget, toting ratchets, beam attachment on the side
I keep a savage that’ll blast it, my crash dummies down to ride