When Logic dropped off Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, it was met with a somewhat divided response. Yet Bobby’s collaboration with Eminem, “Homicide,” made for an easy highlight. Even comedian Chris D’Elia got in on the action, delivering a now infamous impression of a cyphering Slim, which Em himself deemed “uncanny.” Today marks the arrival of some “Homicide” visuals, which finds Logic tasked with casting a last-minute Eminem replacement. Luckily, D’Elia is more than willing to reprise his role, going full “method” in the process.”

That’s not to say Em sits out of the action altogether. After all, he’s never been averse to donning a disguise. Throughout his career, he’s dressed as Michael Jackson, Robbin, a fully-grown woman, Bin Laden, and many more. Yet in “Homicide,” he takes his chameleon-esque habit to a digital level, all but becoming Chris D’Elia by way of Snapchat filter. The clip’s conclusive moments find Em sending Logic an emphatic message: “D’Elia doesn’t play me…I play D’Elia.” What follows is an impression of an impression, with Eminem ably playing a dude disguised as another dude. The whole thing is rather wacky, but somehow, it works.