The Punisher season two will debut on Friday, and Netflix is hoping that their recent debacle with Marvel will go unnoticed for the time being. Netflix has canceled almost all of their Marvel shows, despite fans fighting to have shows like Luke Cage and Daredevil put back on the air. We all know that The Punisher and Jessica Jones will be getting the ax soon enough, but Netflix hopes fans will ignore that and dive in anyway. That isn’t the only drama surrounding the new season of The Punisher though.

Ben Barnes, who plays the villain Jigsaw, has been criticized for the new look that the character is sporting for the show. Instead of his comic book accurate heavily scarred face, Jigsaw has a slightly scarred face he covers with a mask. Fans are usually hard to please, but I believe the new season of the gory show will quell all critics once it drops. Netflix dropped a new trailer for The Punisher just days before the show is set to premiere. The latest trailer highlights Frank’s connection to a new woman. It looks like the past may repeat itself, and The Punisher will have to fight to save those he loves from meeting their doom.