She’s been hyping “Megatron” for a while now, and finally, the Queen Barb has dropped the single. On the heels of her “BAPS” collaboration with Trina, Nicki Minaj returns with a fire track. For months the Queen rapper has been mysteriously absent from social media. Some speculated that following her “Nicki WRLD Tour,” Minaj took a bit of a break to recuperate. The rest and relaxation seem to have treated her well, because Minaj came back swinging.

The island-style beat is complemented by Minaj’s swift bars and a catchy, autotuned hook. The production is perfect for summer cruisin’ and has a dancehall vibe that gets the body moving. Don’t expect to hear Minaj taking pointed shots at specific rappers here; she spends her time boasting about her status, sex game, and bank account. With a chorus like, “Shots, shots, shots, I’m drinkin’ / It’s better when I’m drinkin’” expect to hear “Megatron” at every bar and club you step in for years to come.

Quotable Lyrics

They call me Megatron, just did a telethon
He got Margiela’s on, and I get my jealous on
I f*ck him like I miss him
He just came out of prison
B*tches be talkin sh*t, but they ain’t got a pot to piss in