Benny The Butcher is quite possibly one of the game’s best-kept secrets. A scholar of the Griselda movement, who was taught how to rhyme by Westside Gunn and surpassed the master by Gunn’s own admission. Today, Benny stands on the verge of delivering his seven-track project The Plugs I Met, an album that has already set the streets ablaze with the Pusha-T assisted “18 Wheeler.” Now, with the album set to hit stores at midnight, one of the most anticipated tracks has surfaced in select international markets.

“Crown For Kings,” which evokes shades of Khal Drogo pouring molten gold on a hapless and whimpering Viserys Targaryen, finds Benny linking up with the lyrical God himself, Black Thought. With his ten-minute freestyle still setting the bar for what pinnacle BARS sound like, Thought proves that a scholar can still navigate the streets with the best of em’. Taking to a smooth, sample-based instrumental, the duo’s first collaboration is a testament to an era long-thought lost, though never quite forgotten. And for that, it shines like a relic.

Quotable Lyrics

When we was hooked in the hood, getting booked like literature
Kept us shook, like when the boogeyman coming to get ya
We was crooks, trying to cop more rides than Great Adventure
Any image we took, not a father was in the picture