“Right now, I just feel like he’s trying to expose me for something that I’m not,” Boogie Dash said of his father in a promo for Growing Up Hip Hop’s fourth season.“So I’m just not really appreciating that at all. I’m not talking to [him] at all just cause he’s trying to make me look bad.” This complaint is in reference to how Damon Dash is dealing with his son’s drug use and the reason why he avoided his father after his stint in rehab. This season, the father-son duo attempt to rekindle their relationship by addressing the issue directly, though the situation remains tenuous. In the clip below, Dame pleads with his son: “I don’t want you to die.” 

Dame Dash & His Son Boogie Beef On 'Growing Up Hip Hop': "I Don't Want You To Die"
 Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images 

In season 3, Dash tried to confront Boogie about his addiction to both alcohol and lean. “The real consequence is he can’t do the show no more,” he told a specialist during one episode. “For right now, all he listens to is bread. He can’t buy drugs without no money and this is how he makes his money.” Boogie eventually agreed to go to rehab. However, it looks like the addiction issue has not gone away completely, hence the continued arguments.

Dash had also blamed fellow rap parent Pepa of enabling the addiction. “So, when I handed him a drink at my party last time that spiraled him out?” Pepa asked. “He was never the same since then,” Dash said, “If he doesn’t go to rehab, y’all not seeing him no more. I’m not gonna help put money in his pocket to buy drugs because kids are dying out here, it’s not just liquor.