Surviving R. Kelly described many manipulative tactics as part of the singer’s alleged crimes. The mother of one of R. Kelly’s former girls has opened up about rescuing her daughter from his harem after the reunion was televised as part of the documentary series. Though she was relieved to see her daughter again, she could barely recognize her.

“[When she met R. Kelly], she had long hair, to her shoulders. And to see her hair cut off… She looked like a boy. She was in men’s shorts, cologne, boxers, wife beaters, baseball caps — she wasn’t girly at all,” Kramer told Rolling Stone. “My daughter was not a tomboy. My daughter went to the nail salon with me, got a pedicure got her nails done, acrylic nails. She got her hair done, she wore makeup, she wore lipstick. And that’s what she did. He wanted to degrade her by turning her to look like a boy. He’s some sick motherfucker.”

R. Kelly "Victim" Forced To Wear Boys' Clothes: Mother Slams "Sick Motherf*cker"
Rodgers’ mother Kelly Rodgers, attorney Lydia Hills, Faith Rodgers and Michelle Kramer, mother of Dominique Gardner (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Kramer recounted the events that led to her finding her daughter and bringing her home. 

TMZ saw Joycelyn Savage and my daughter coming out of a restaurant in Beverly Hills before Mother’s Day. And I knew I was going to L.A. for the documentary. So I called TMZ and [asked about] the video of Joy Savage. And they was like, “Oh my God. The other girl is one of the girls from the house?” And I said “Yes, Dominique.” “Are you her mother? Can you please do a FaceTime interview?” And I was like, “No.” I just needed that, so I hung up.

And then I’m waiting five, four, three, two, one — ring. “Hello?” “Mom, why you call TMZ?” I’m like, “I ain’t call no TMZ. Girl, what you talking about? Girl where you at?” “I’m in L.A.” I was like “OK. What hotel?” “Mom I can’t tell you that information.” And I said, “Well give me the initial.” She said “M” — there you go, Marriott. Went to L.A., called Marriotts in Beverly Hills. Because he ain’t the brightest, he put the hotel in the girls’ names.

So I woke up that morning and I called the [producer] and said, “I called the hotel. Is there any way you can get us a car so I can go see if I can have lunch with my daughter?” She said, “Well, can we film it?” I was like, “Sure, I don’t care. You guys give me a ride to go find my daughter. L.A. big.” And then that’s when you see everything else on. She said, “I asked God if it’s time for me to leave here, please give me a sign.” And I showed up at the hotel, so she knew it was time to go then.