Whether he felt slighted by the Grammy’s or was just on one Monday, A$AP Rocky wanted to remind everyone that he’s the best video director of this generationTMZ caught up with the NYC rapper yesterday outside LAX where he talked about his directorial skills, and deserving an award for them.

After paying respect to Cardi for her historic Grammy win for Best Rap album, Rocky just went right into a humble brag, self proclaiming himself the best director of his generation and alluding to him needing an award for it, presumably speaking at the Grammy committee. 

“I need to win a video award because Im the best director in my fucking generation,” Rocky tells the cameraman.

Just last week, Tory Lanez had similar words and praise for Rocky for his visual content, telling the Grammy’s they need to recognize the Harlem rapper for his work, which they didn’t. “At this point if they don’t give a Grammy for his music videos ima have to start writing emails to the academy … nigga shit be too fire,” Tory wrote. On Sunday, the Grammy’s rewarded Childish Gambino with the award for Best Video for his work on “This Is America.” And if that wasn’t annoying enough, Rocky was also mistaken for Travis Scott on the red carpet at the Grammys Sunday night too, another thing to just not quite go right.

Check out Rocky’s humble brag (below) and let us know what you think. Is Rocky right? Is he the best director of his generation?

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky Calls Himself The Best Director Of His Generation