When you think of artists that consistently come through with the most creative music videos of the year, A$AP Rocky is one man that will almost always show up on the list. The AWGE rapper’s originality knows no bounds. Recently, his “Kids Turned Out Fine” video wowed audiences again with Rocky continuing to roll out impressive efforts from Testing. There isn’t a huge focus on music videos at the Grammy Awards but Tory Lanez still wants A$AP to get the recognition he deserves at the upcoming ceremony. 

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images
Lanez tweeted that if the Grammy Awards don’t start handing out awards to A$AP Rocky for his visual work, he’ll contact them directly. “Ima have to start writing emails to the academy,” wrote Tory. “N***a shit be too fire.” Many would absolutely agree with the Canadian artist’s assessment. Within the last year, Rocky has dropped plenty of memorable music videos for the world to enjoy.
Rocky was appreciative of the love, replying, “THANK U BRO THAT$ LUV.” It’s unlikely that the academy would make any chances for the upcoming ceremony. After all, it’s taking place in a few days. However, there’s always a chance that other upcoming shows recognize Rocky’s outstanding visual achievements. 
Do you think Rocky deserves a Grammy for his Testing videos?