Calboy’s success began with “Envy Me,” which acts as the first song on his new full-length effort, Wildboy. The 10-track offering showcases the young artist’s melodic sensibilities, as if “Envy Me” wasn’t enough evidence to begin with. 

The melodies continue head-on with “Adam & Eve,” and it becomes clear by the third song (“Love Me”) that love and heartbreak is a prominent theme for Calboy right now. He’s got a few choice features on here too– choice in the sense that they all make sense as collaborators, they all impart a similar melodic/trap tone to the song, from Moneybagg Yo to the much-coveted Young Thug and the recently-handcuffed Lil Durk. 

This kid is one to keep an eye on. Lest we forget this is the very beginning of his journey and it’s only up from here– he’s starting on pretty high ground to begin with.

Are you a fan yet? Check it out and let us know. For more music like this, follow our official On the Come Up playlist on Spotify here. Calboy makes an appearance or two (hint hint).


1. Envy Me

2. Adam & Eve

3. Love Me

4. Unjudge Me feat. Moneybagg Yo

5. Ghetto America feat. Yo Gotti & Lil Durk

6. Caroline feat. Polo G

7. Nina

8. Swing

9. Chariot feat. Meek Mill, Lil Durk & Young Thug

10. 12