Suga Free promised a comeback in 2019, and that’s what he went about doing several weeks ahead of schedule. In theory, Suga Free’s Resurrection LP would have come sometime in the 1st quarter if it weren’t for a postponement driven by a need to do a little marketing outside his West Coast stronghold. “We decided to drop two singles back to back first,” Suga Free’s reps told HipHopDx in late March, whilst putting out the “Hole in my Heart” single 

It’s on “TMZ” of all songs that Suga Free puts his legendary back on a pedestal. The Pomona-bred rapper slings together a syllabus of rapper names as the glue to his narrative flow. While he isn’t the first artist to try his hand at such a such an exercise, he’ll certainly go down as the explicit to give it a go. As I just implied, Suga Free’s “TMZ” does bear a likeness to GZA’s “Fame” off his 2002 release Legend of the Liquid Sword, but only with respect to the conceptual framework. Suga Press stays within his wheelhouse, GZA within his chessbox some years ago.

Quotable Lyrics:

Fresh out the Celly Cel, dropped the case, I won
When I find that bitch that snitch
She gon’ be Brotha Lynch Hung
And I’ma skirt off in a Mozzy feelin’ 3X Krazy
Take off these baggy khakis.