Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds’ Juan Epstein podcast had a very special guest recently, Kanye West. We’ve seen Ye in a countless number of interviews lately, but if you’ve watched one, you’ve basically seen them all, as Kanye touches on the same subjects over and over, from his fashion industry issues to his geniousity. However, the Juan Epstein podcast is a refreshing change from those commonplace subjects, as they delve more into Kanye’s come-up in the rap game as a producer.

The 30-minute conversation, which you can download/stream below, finds Kanye talking about his producer past, starting from when he was 14-years old and found out about sampling, and how he initially got into music because of a video game he was working on. He goes on to discuss Drake’s enormous fame, and even says, “I was fine with writing Drake’s “Find Your Love” until he got too big.” There’s a lot of good stuff in here, including how Michael Jackson influenced 808s & Heartbreaks and how he’s attempting to juggle integrity, finance and relevance, plus much more. 


Kanye West Talks His Producer Past, Drake's Fame & Much More On Juan Epstein